Study Helps

Students may access to valuable resources as a help in their study of God’s Word. These have been created especially by Global Business Ministries International to provide all the resources anyone could need.

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The GBM Online Bible

We are in the process of producing our very own Bible Version known as the GBM Version and this is available online complete with additional study helps, including

1. Searching of the Scriptures,
2. Access to the Original Texts using Strongs Dictionary
3. Bible commentaries from Apostle Les D. Crause
4. Random bible chapters, verses, and promises
5. Topical studies
6. Bible book Summaries
7. Bookmarking capabilities

Click here to go to the GBM Online Bible

GBM Books

All books written by Apostles Les D. Crause and Daphne Crause are available to be read online at this website.

Members of the public are only allowed access to free books and the first chapter of each book freely. But students of this school, along with all contributing partners of GBMI have full access to all of the books, which number nearly 80 to date.

The website offers additional study helps such as:

1. Full searching of all books for you to find teaching on any subject
2. Selecting a random chapter from a random book to read
3. Last reading location saved for you to return where you left off
4. Full Studies Where All Sections On That Subject Taught in All Books are listed together for your reading

Click here to go to GBM Books