Curriculum for GBM School of Blessing

Courses For Year 1

Gods Plan For Abundance

Lessons in This Course

Marvels of Human Creation
Understanding The Spiritual Life
Fruits of The Flesh
The Root of Sexual Lust
Fruits of The Flesh 2
Dealing With Self
Walking in The Spirit
Forces of The Spirit
Fruits of The Spirit
The Three Areas of Life
Social Relationships
Dealing With Curses

Transformed Life

Lessons in This Course

Dealing With The Hurts of the Past
Past Effects on Sexuality
Problems Related to The Future
Transformed Images
Overcoming Fearful Experiences
How To Accomplish Your Desires

Overcoming Sickness Poverty and Loneliness

Lessons In This Course

Origins of Sickness and Disease
Origins of Poverty And Lack
Origins of Separation and Loneliness

Gods Way of Health

Subjects Covered In This Course

God's Way of Health
Dealing With Mental Illness
Healing The Spirit
The Power To Heal
How Healing Comes

God Way to Wealth

Subjects Covered In This Course

Building The Palace of Prosperity
Finding Your Promised Land
Maximizing Your Potential
Taking Your Promised Land
Dividing Your Promised Land