You Were Destined For Blessing

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This school is based on teachings given live at GBM Headquarters and covers a full breakdown of all that God plans for His children.

It will take you from the beginning, as someone outside of Christ and the family of God, right through to living the kind of life that God intends for all of us.

The Life of Blessing includes walking in health, with abundant provision and favor in relationships with others. It is the life that God planned for us from the beginning, but it was stolen from us when Satan tricked Adam and Eve into selling their birthright.

In this very detailed study you will learn exactly how this happened and the effects that it caused in our lives and in the world. But you will also learn in some detail, the plan that God set in motion to rescue us from the effects of Adam’s sin.

If you would like a complete all-around understanding of the spiritual life and learn how to break out of the curses of poverty, sickness, and loneliness, then this course is what you have been looking for.

It is the ultimate study on God’s plan for the ages and will show you exactly what to do to change your life and walk in the kind of life that you desire and that God planned for you.

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Psychology in Business

Access To GBM Books

You will be given a free membership to the GBM Book Club, which gives you free access to every book written by Apostles Les and Daphne Crause on the new GBM Book website at

Ministry Via WhatsApp

You will not only receive cutting-edge teachings but also personal ministry via a special WhatsApp group, where you can fellowship and receive personal ministry along with other students.

Students are required to have downloaded and installed WhatsApp on their mobile phones. This app is free and can be linked to an app on a laptop computer to allow you to communicate using the keyboard of the computer instead of the limited screen keyboard on your phone.

Cutting Edge Teachings via Video, Audio, and Text

All lessons are available in the form of Video teachings which the student can either watch online or download to watch at their ease.

For those who prefer audio or reading printed text, each lecture will also be available as an MP3 audio download or .pdf ebook which can all be downloaded to your laptop, or to your mobile device if it allows downloads

Enroll in the School of the School of Blessing

Practical Projects And Personal Marking

Since the purpose of this school is to help students enter into a life of blessing, our study method does not follow normal study procedures, where students need to submit projects for marking or complete a thesis to qualify.

Students are mentored personally using either text or video chat on WhatsApp. There will be an occasional live group Lesson on WhatsApp and personal ministry may be given using the video chat option on WhatsApp.

Enroll in the School of the School of Blessing

We are looking for those whose hearts are yearning for more of the Lord Jesus and His mighty power in their lives.

1. If you long to experience His power in your life, and walk in the blessing that the Lord intends for you.

2. If you are ready to extend God’s Kingdom into the earth and displace the Realm of Darkness.

3. If you want to help others also experience the wonders of the spiritual life and help set the captives free.

4. If you are prepared to do what it takes to be an instrument of blessing in the hands of the Lord.

Then we would like to welcome you to the GBM School of Blessing

Enroll in the School of the School of Blessing