Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is:

GBM School of Blessing is a school of GBM Academy, under GBM International..

Global Business Ministries International or GBM International is a covering for several different ministry and business divisions. You can find them listed here:

What personal data we collect and why we collect it


When you leave comments are our page they are visible to the public. 

Comments are stored indefinitely, so that we have a record for future reference. However we reserve the right to delete your comments if they are spam or attempts to cause arguments.


Cookies are used on our websites to log in and access material and courses only available to members, partners, and those who purchase from us. We need to store cookies when you log in so that we can track what you may access as well as offer more features on our website to you.

By logging into our website as a member you consent to the use of cookies.

If you do not wish to have cookies stored on your device/computer then you do not need to log in, but you will not have access to anything that requires being a member of GBM International.

If you are unable to use cookies, then you cannot login or study in our online schools.

Member Details

When you become a member with us we will store your email address and password in your account with us for you to log in. We will also store additional contact details and information that you share when you sign up. This information is used when we interact or minister to members.

We store records of courses and materials purchased on your account.

We do not store any payment information from you on our websites, as all payments are done through secure payment gateways such as PayPal and PayFast.

Embedded content from other websites

At times we may have embedded videos on our pages, primarily videos from YouTube. 


As a member who is logged in, we will track what information and pages you access. This information is used simply for us to see what people like to view on our websites.

Any information that we track is not stored and is removed within several days.

Who we share your data with

Please note that we do not share any data that we collect from you with any third parties. GBM International is its own covering and we do not share your information with other ministries or businesses without your consent.

We only use information collected from you for our own records and to offer you all that we can to help you in your ministry and the calling that God has for you.

Request For Privacy

Should you wish to have your information removed from our records please contact us and we will remove every record that we have of you.